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What is AIMED?

AIMED platform is a joint endeavour of 9 European institutions that saw the need to increase the visibility of the subjects that the universities offer for international exchange students.

The profile of each university provides the basic crucial information about the cost of living, practical side of mobility, such as dormitories and public transport, as well as important academic information. In this online space the universities can upload the subjects available for incoming students. Mobility candidates can browse the offer of the universities available and choose which university has the offer of courses that they find interesting. What is more, they can compare the subjects at various universities to make the best decision for their mobility destination.

Thanks to AIMED platform the universities can promote their subjects for international exchange students and get more visibility for their institution and the subjects they offer. The students that plan to undertake a mobility receive a reliable tool that will help them make the best decision regarding their student exchange.

It is absolutely free of charge to upload the course offer by any university and also for students to make use of the platform.

If your institution would like to be included in the AIMED platform, please fill in this form. We would be happy to answer any questions that you might have by e-mail